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WhatsApp BreakUp

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BONGOMATIK's JazzBits live

Theater De Nieuwe Kolk, Assen, Netherlands

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live @ Bimhuis: ELECTRO CUMBIA

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squirrel invasion cover cover

Squirrel Invasion (Lalala Song)

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Breaking News

    We’ve just finished the Bongomatik Calendar, publishing the last of the 12 singles / videos Check out Kitamo Gnob March is the Bongomatik Mambo month – Check out our newest single LUPITA – an homage to the golden Mambo era and the great Mambo kings: Perez Prado, Tito Puente, Machito, Tito Rodriguez and Benny More >>>Click here to see the clip     ‘Neuspen’ – the new Bongomatik-single tells the story of our lovely princess Kseniya – a tragical love story about piercings, princes and heartstrings   >>>Click here to see the clip – Love is Share !   “Yeah – Yeah” – Bongomatik starts the new year with another funky Latin tune – a groovy 2016 to all our friends >>>Click here to see the clip and share it with your funky amigos   yeah-‘Squirrel Invasion (Lalala Song) – Squirrels take over the Bongomatik world! Bongomatik’s november single release is an Afro-Beat – after all those tunes in Spanish, English, Espanderlands and Portugese we decided to make this one ‘multi-lingual’. ¡Disfrútalo! >>>Click here to see the clip – LOVE IS SHARE!     ‘WhatsApp BreakUp’ – Bongomatik’s comment on the new way of communicating – our october single release!!! So sharpen your knife and get ready for our new Latin-Funk. >>>Click here for the video and if you like it – share it!!! ‘Bailando’ – the september single release of the Bongomatik calendar. In this clip we would like to pay an homage to one of the greatest dancers of all times – Fred Astaire. So put on your dancing shoes and start moving to Bongomatik’s new Latin Funk… >>Click here for the video and if you like it – LOVE IS SHARE!!!   ‘Nog Eentje Dan’ is the third single release of the Bongomatik-calendar, Release date 1 July 2015 ‘Nog Eentje Dan’ is Dutch for ‘Let’s have another one’ and definitely refers to a cold drink during the hot summer period. So sit down on a nice terrace, get yourself ‘Nog Eentje Dan’ and enjoy   >>>Click here to see the video and if you like it – SHARE IT!!! Release “Espanderland”: We are very happy to announce the release of our new single/videoclip. It is the June-release of the new Bongomatik agenda – Bongomatiks’ homage to H.M. Koningin Máxima, Queen of the Netherlands, and to all Latinos and Spanish speaking people in Holanda. >>>Click here to see the video and if you like it – SHARE IT!!!